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Making a Dream Reality

I have had a dream for many many years, which is to live in a cottage in Ireland, next to the water, where I could live quietly and working on my art.

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I'm Dyeing!

Over the holidays I purchased several skeins of Elsebeth Lavold's Angora "smoke" at a greatly reduced price.

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Asherton Scarf

I just posted a new post about a scarf pattern called the Asherton Scarf, that I just loved knitting. I want to do more of these!


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MWK Scarf Exchange

Today I received a package from my secret knitter. Ironically, it came just as I started packing the box to send the scarf I knitted to my exchangee.

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Knitting in Public: where others fear to tread?

I just posted a new entry on my blog discussing men knitting in public:

Please take a look and share your thoughts!

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Drop Spindles

I am looking into learning how to hand spin my own yarn. I would like to start with a drop spindle. I wondered if anyone had a suggestion of a reputable site that sells drop spindles?

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Errors in Knitting with Balls by del Vecchio

I have been working on some of the projects from the book Knitting with Balls by Michael del Vecchio and a couple times I have run into errors in the patterns.

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