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Knitted Willie Warmer as requested!

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Uploaded on December 14, 2007
by sheandaru a Flickr Lady member

Remember to Check your Gauge lol!

Knitted Willie Warmer
Worsted weight yarn

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Look what I found on the Internet!

Stay patriotic and keep your willy warm..stand to attention for you country. This cosy wool willy warmer will do all that.

Price: £2.99

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Crayola Edge Baby Wrap

As we go along and discuss our projects we get uplifted and our vibration changes to the ability to create cloth with our hands and two sticks.

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Crocheting / Knitting in Public

I am crocheting in Public this day, and looking forward to Knitting in Public

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Show us Your Bedroom Stash

We want to see your bedroom stash, we know you have one. Will you show it with a video or a picture?

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30th Class Reunion

Me and some of my classmates (their familes as well) from childhood had a great time in our 30th Class Reunion in Fort Lauderdale, we had a small class about 60 most of us were together since kinderga

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5 Hour Baby Set

Here is a video, plus a picture for those of you who choose not to see the video or can't.

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Simple Baby Hat

This goes along with the jacket, there may be booties, it all depends on the mood. The pattern for all these goodies are in the same page.

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Simple Baby Jacket

This is known in some places as the 5 Hour Baby Jacket, but I tell you it takes longer than that. You can make it in a matter of days.

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Simple Garter Stitch Washcloth

This washcloth was just me playing around and I finished it with an I-Cord border. Very nice!

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