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what does one do with 50 lbs of red heart?

OMG. My BF has some friends he lunches with on occasion. Well one of them just broke with his partner a few months ago.

Scarf, shawl, wrap thingy

I just completed this project for a good friend of mine who wanted something more than a scarf, but not so much as a shawl or wrap.

Airplane story

Have a funny plane story I'd like to share. I was flying back from Aberdeen yesterday and I brought along some plain knitting a simple hand towel. You know just something to pass the time.

Slip stitch rug

Well it's been a long time. My computer crashed and I took my time getting another one. Unfortunately I've missed posting several projects, but what can I say? This is a slip stitch rug I made.

Question: Shawl Starting

I bought some yarn from elann.com and was wanting to do the Luna Moth Shawl. I'm having a little trouble getting started.

Could someone try to explain what this means.

The rug is completed

Many months ago I posted that I was working on a rug. It is now complete and after blocking it lays flat.

finished baby blanket

I guess it's my day for completing projects. I have some extra time between jobs.

Completed Pillow

I just completed this pillow. It was supposed to be a present for a friend of mine who's getting married, but I'm not sure it's good enough for a present.

Peanut Pillow Disappointment

I've got a couple of larger projects on the needles right now, but I decided to take a break and use up some of the hand spun yarn I bought at Knitch in Atlanta.

Another package another hat

Every month I send my brother, whose is currently stationed in Iraq, a care package. In each package I include at least one small hand made item.