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Wedding gift help...

So I have this friend up in DC. I've backed out of being his groomsman due to lack of funds to travel to DC.

Update: Knitch in Atlanta GA

I am back from my trip to Atlanta. I posted a request for information on LYS in the area. The prime suggestion was The Knitch in midtown. This was close to where I was staying and the one I visited.

What do I do in Atlanta?

I've got a class to teach in Atlanta all next week.

Are there any yarn shops I should visit while I'm there?

Anything else exciting I should make sure to do?

Knitting on a Airplane

I had to go to DC for a week last week. I wanted to see how I would feel about knitting on a plane and in the airport. Wasn't as much or a challenge as I had hoped.

New Book New Project

I've been knitting a ton of hats for gifts, but I've been thinking. I live down here in the deep south, and hats are only going to be useful for a short time as well as scarfs and other winter wear.

Knitting for the troops

My brother is stationed in Iraq for a year. He's away from his wife and two kids. A seriously suckey time for him.

New Knitting Organizer

So there I was at Home Depot looking for some air filters and just poking around when I happened across the tool box section.

Blanket Finished

Over the holidays I finished this blanket. It's a nice double knit blanket done in some really nice yarn I found in a specialty shop. I think it turned out nice.

Autumn Rainbow Hat

Hi guys. I've been watching and reading for a while now. I thought it was time I made a post of my own. This Christmas everyone gets hats.