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Some Powerful Thoughts About Men

After a careful read and a long think-through

(I know, rather inelegant an introduction and screams for a pithy word to encapsulate, but I move on...), I believe: any man should benefit from this thought provoking article; any parent should consider this carefully; any man who has felt marginalized because of who they are, take a read.

Some Powerful Thoughts About....Men

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At The Grand Army Plaza Market, Brooklyn

Autumn In New York...oh, I can hear Mel Tormé's Velvet Fog now as drips descend, the temperature cools, the light grows dimmer in the afternoon sooner, the quiet, wet roads and vehicle tires singing in the it is appropriate to show a recent project finished for a family member...At The Market shawl, pattern written by Ilga Leja.

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Socks As The New "Tie" Accessory

What happens when American acceptance of knitting machines to be carted off to Asia, knitting machine operator training fades into memory, and independent knitwear designers collide?

Check out this idea.

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Retreat! Retreat! The Knitters Are Coming! Drop Your Stitches! Runs!

My best to the guys gathering with QueerJoe's leadership! Have a great time. Wish I wuz there!

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Red Dress And A Bass Drum

A young man I know has a story to tell…where family and friends knit relationships. I play a part, a small one, but I wanted to share this with my comrades at Men Who Knit. I am a long-term HIV survivor, but I will let him tell you
the story.

Worked on my mac, but HTML codes are not my forte.

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Off Topic - On Spire

I just had the most day-shattering experience. The final height of the Freedom Tower was installed today...making a visible void in the New York City skyline...filled.

Many of you know I have worked on the Village Halloween Parade over the past fifteen years...a labor of love, professional management and shock of the new...on an annual basis.

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I Am Finally Making A Shawl...

for my daughter, Sarah. Sarah gets the medical supplies out to MSF and relief NGO's when the first reports come in of human suffering, deadly conflicts, atrocities and disease. I get heartsick when I read of people who have nothing to worry about except a cranky Iphone not getting a signal or the upload time on Tyfany-Amber's Roku is if!!!!

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Heard About It?...Well, Here Are The Moving Pictures...With Sound!

I performed in a new work on April 19th in NYC. Composer Jobina Tinnemans' Killing Time for knitters and ensemble (World Premiere MATA commission).

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Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzzn't Fuzzy, Wuzzy.

The controvery on TSA's policy about small sharp objects, large hocky sticks and inflated egos accompanying airflight passengers on commercial flights rages on Capitol Hill. I bask in the warm knowledge that knitting needles build civilization, and are hense, benign objects to the agency.

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WIP's and Chain Stitches

I have another work in progress (WIP, to the acolytes among you) on the needles...and I have reached a decision point in my life.

Shall I remain a faithful knitter (tips that touch crochet shall never touch mine)? Or combine knitting and crochet (gasp!) perhaps committing apostacy...I avoid wrath whenever possible.