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Spirit Day

Once again, I write a rare blog post for this group.

However, I want to remind everyone that October 19th is Spirit Day. A day to show support for our youth - especially LGBTQ youth - as they deal with bullying. In this time of turmoil in the world, they need to know that there are adults who choose to love them and respect their right to be who they are. No qualifiers. No strings attached. No judgement. Just acceptance and support.

Please, more than ever, be one of those adults.

Spring is here.

Today is the first day of Spring and I'm extremely grateful. Friends and family have pointed out the fact that Wyoming often has wintry conditions until mid-May but we've had a long warm spell this past week and I don't mind a bit. As I told them, "Even if we are having snow and cold, it still matters that it is Spring and we can anticipate the longer days and the return of warm weather."


October 20th is the annual GLAAD Spirit Day to promote anti-bullying, especially for LGBTQ youth. To that end, supporters are encouraged to wear purple as part of their clothing.

I once again ask our members to show solidarity for our youth by doing so. Given the rise of hateful rhetoric in our country and around the world, it is especially vital that our young people be sent the message that there are people who wish them the very best and are allies against bullying.

Thank you.

October Socks are done.

The October socks turned out quite nice, despite having to knit them with 4 needles instead of my usual 5. I think it stretches and distorts the stitches but it couldn't be helped as the Size 0/ 2.0 mm double points I used only had the 4 needles. The Classic Elite Alpaca Sox was nice to work with and I think the person destined to receive this pair of socks will love them.

Once again, should this entry not allow me to upload the photos, they can be found on my Ravelry projects page.

Spirit Day 2015

I've posted a notice here before and want to remind everyone that Spirit Day is this Thursday, October 15th. I encourage all members to wear purple that day as a sign to any LGBTQ young person that may see them that they are loved and supported as they make their way through life and any difficulties they face. Thank you.

September socks.

I finished the September edition of the 12 months/12 socks KAL yesterday evening. They are superb! The "Alegria" yarn from Manos del Uruguay is marvelous and very delightful to work with, having excellent stitch definition and very uniform color and thickness consistency. I highly recommend it.
I hope to add photos at a later time...if the dratted system ever lets me. Otherwise, you can see them on my Ravelry projects page.

August socks are done.

I finished that pair of socks on August 31st, just barely under the deadline. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out and hope my friend enjoys them. No pictures are posted because I forgot them this morning. I'll remedy that within a couple of days and possibly post a sneak preview of the September socks. They are knitting up superbly in Manos del Uruguay "Alegria" - some of the softest sock yarn I've ever worked with.

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"Messages" down? UPDATE

August 20, 2015--The message about unable to send e-mail is still showing up. However, the green message "Message sent to ..." is there. Is the private message system separate from the e-mail links, or what? Sorry to belabor this but I want to be assured my private messages are going through.