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Anyone Heard of Dragonfly Fibers?

If not, you have now, and it is amazing.

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FO Cowl and Pattern

Hey all,

I'm going to be teaching a beginning knit class, and the LYS preferred a project-based class, so I whipped up this cowl and a pattern for it (which is on ravelry).

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Toilet Paper and Twisted Yarn

So I posted this blog post over at my knitting shop's blog yesterday:

I think it's a really fun thing to think about. It's nowhere near as entertaining as "Knittingman"s blogs, but hopefully it's helpful.

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Hat Recipe

Hello all!

I'm back and more involved with knitting and designing again.

I've created my first for sale pattern on ravelry. It is my go-to pattern for hats, and I wrote it out as a recipe for re-sizing etc (my preferred method of knitting patterns).

Check it out.

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New York City!

So I've finally moved in and settled into the big apple. I love my apartment (as long as we don't get bed bugs). I already have found a job to work, that is until I find a better one.

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Manhattan here I come!

Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while, but I thought I'd drop in and say hello.

My current projects:

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I'm back... maybe

In about 5 months I have knit a total of 1 foot on a simple ribbed scarf, which translates to knitting about 10 rows once a week or less and months at a time where I haven't knit 1 stitch.

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My hiatus explained... Carpal Tunnel

Hey guys. One may wonder and be amazed if one finds himself on the UGA campus to notice: Thomas hasn't been knitting.

In fact, I haven't knit one single stitch for 2 months.

And it sucks.

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So I learned to spin today! Yay!

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First sweater and purse...excitement!

My last blog entry described these two projects, but now I got pictures of them finally. Thanks mom for letting me borrow the camera (I'm visiting my hometown for a couple days.)