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Easter Chicks

Two little chicks with eggs knitted for my brother and sister for Easter. An alternative to chocolate!!

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Hi everyone,

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Slouchy Beanie

This is a picture of a slouchy beanie similar to the one I posted earlier being worn.

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Monkey Moo

A monkey I knitted for a new baby that my friends have had recently. It took ages to make up with lots of seams to sew up.... but worth it for the finished result.

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Fourth Hat

This is a picture of my fourth hat now. This one is what I call a slouchy beanie. I have an order from a friend for another one with blue in. It's his birthday in June so may get it done for then.

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Second Sackboy

My second Sackboy which I have given as a gift to my sister and her boyfriend who fell in love with the Little Big Planet game when they visited late last year. They have named him Barry...

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Hey everyone

How are you supposed to add pictures to the blog posts?

Any help appreciated.


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Reversible Hat

Here is my reversible hat of which I am very proud! Only took about a week to complete. It is lovely and warm and obviously reversible. Think I may try and knit my sister one...

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Hello from Wales, U.K.!

A relatively new knitter who is still learning with about a 20 year gap after learning from my Grandmother!