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Happy 2010!

In honor of the New Year, I have decided to celebrate during the month of January by doing something a little crazy.

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First Design

So I set out to design a sweater for my nephew but am now looking at it and am thinking it may look great as a sweater vest.

I need an opinion!

What do you guys think?



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New Project

Latest scarf - and hopefully last - for a while!
Check out the details: www.knitaholics.com.

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Simple, Yet Effective Design

So simple is good I suppose - simple designs knit quickly, are great for last minute gifts, and don't require an extraordinary amount of time or focus. But, what about simple patterns makes them attract so much attention?

Attached is a scarf I'm making for a friend in the MidWest, and I keep getting comment after comment on how it's the best one I've ever made - but technically speaking, it's very very simple. Should I take it as a compliment, or be upset that people don't seem to be impressed with things that have taken more effort?

Read more here: www.knitaholics.com

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Knitting Cyclops

So, I was sick over the past few days and couldn't see out of my left eye due to an eye infection. As uncomfortable as it was, I managed to finish a project while home from work.

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The Knitting Zone : Fact or Fiction?

So a very odd thing happened the other day; I was able to knit up an entire skein of yarn into half a scarf without ever actively thinking about what I was doing.

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How Do You Find Time?

Just posted a new blog entry and interested on your thoughts: How do you find time for your knitting? Do you take what you can get? Or do you set some time aside each day?


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Stitch Of The Week

First, I would like to thank the community here for all of their support regarding my new blog in the online fiberarts community. It's been very welcome, and thanks for all the feedback!

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New knitting website

Hello everyone! Great to see that there is a website devoted to bringing men who knit together! I have just started a new knitting website/blog in the last few days and would appreciate any feedback!