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I decided to give it another go. I figured out Judy's magic cast on...thanks YouTube! This is toe up basics on circulars. It's a first for me!

Cambria Washington quilt and cable blanket

This is turning out to be a fun project...smooth sailing through the 2X2 rib and cables only every 16 rows. I am taking the opportunity during the Florida summer evenings to prepare for the cool winter nights to come. I'm using Cascade Eco+ bulky...forgot the name of the color but it's green to me:)
Happy knitting guys

To machine knit or not to machine knit?

Hi friends,
I have not posted for a long time. I have been hand knitting for about 10 years now and continue to knit daily. I have become curious of late about machine knitting. Are there any of you who have any words of wisdom for me about where to start? I would appreciate information about your personal experience with working on a machine.
Wade in Florida

Men in Knits

The pattern for the chain link pullover is in Men in Knits. I wasn't sure about the ribbed sleeves but chose to see it through. I do like the finished sweater...very warm in Peruvian wool.