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Knitting retreat on Big Tancook Island

Hi guys, this is a little off topic but I am on the island this week to help Lucy Neatby with her knitting camp. She has thirteen knitters from as far away as Texas to the south and British Columbia to the West. It is a resounding success. They are here for a week. I was speaking about MWK and she suggested that she would be interested in doing one for the Men. So I thought I would throw it out there and see what people thought. The knitters are staying in Guest Cottages.

KAL with Handmaiden

This was KAL and the only stipulation was to use Handmaiden fibre. I had a couple of skeins of silk and cashmere so I designed this scarf using the "Lily of the valley and Spruce" pattern from Estonia Knitting and I substituted beads for "nupps". I was going to add a edging border but had a major melt down over it lol. Maybe I will add it later.

OT...Knitting time

I have some news, we (my partner and I) have purchased a holiday home on Big Tancook Island here in Nova Scotia. Lucy Neatby lives just around the corner from us. The Ferry ride is 1 hour each way so I will get lots of knitting done. lol


I started this last summer but put it away as I had other things to do, and of course because it is full of nupps (ugh) it was an easy decision to put it aside lol. It is called "The Greta Garbo Shawl"