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Regia or Opal?

I have knitted all my socks in Regia brand yarn. I like the way it knits up; I can always get the guage to make socks which consistently fit me. These socks are durable and have a long life. All of our yarn shops were munted in the June earthquake so I've lost my Regia supplier. The only way to obtain some more is via the internet. Today, I went to a small haberdashery in town and it carries Opal which is also a German brand. It looks ok but I wonder how it knits up. I have no experience with it.

Addi Clicks in my humble opinion

When I first learned to knit almost 8 years ago, I started out with the usual 2 pointed sticks. Since I am an academic wanker, I had to read all I could find on knitting during this introductory phase. Interestingly, at that time I could find only a couple of authors who talked about circulars and these vigorously maintained that circular needles were the only way to go. Believe it or not, this stance was considered rather radical and wasn't as accepted as it is today. After a month or two, I decided to take a sock knitting course.