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ruffle scarf

I'm trying out short rows after a long hiatus.

Ruffle scarf for the wife. As per her request. It's turning out amazingly well and going along nice and quick. Lace patterns are beyond my expertise yet so its a simple knit stitch scarf. Nice and warm for cold British Columbia winters.

I'll post progress pics as soon as I figure out why my camera won't load pics.


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Been a loong time..

I've been working way too much to knit. Now that things have finally settled I have picked up the needles again.
Good to be back...and knitting like mad!

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Socks socks socks!

Haven't posted for a while. Been knitting socks like a madman with what's left over from my stash. None of the yarn is for socks.

Any good recomendations for sock yarn?

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Sonic the naked wonder

I changed my user pic to this one because I am yet again trying to knit a sweater for our naked macaw Sonic.

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no time

Knitting will now finally be taking up the spare time I never had for the last few weeks.

Between working, fishing hunting and cutting wood for winter, there hasn't really been a moment for it.

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one more time..

Last time I had blonde moment and posted my address. My bad.

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Shit balls! Why is it so hard!!!

Random bitching below...

Why is it I can knit socks which are supposed to be so hard and can't even begin a simple dishcloth without it making look like a mess?

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From mary janes slippers to dish cloths. Now I'm harrassed into making dishcloths. The small projects are kinda satisfying for someone like me to work with.

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Blah and bull shit...


I have been harassed by a few girls into knitting them mary jane slippers.

I am NOT kntting these silly things out fishing with the guys.


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back and some weirdness

The fire situation under control.

My last post went missing. No idea why or how. *shrugs*

The mittenathon is over. I got it outta my system for the time being.