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Programmable knitting machines

Can anyone recommend an entry-level programmable knitting machine that can handle multi-color work? I've got some art projects that kind of SCREAM knitting machine.

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Amsterdam and Paris

Hey Boys,

Leaving for Europe tonight. Any recommendations for MUST SEE yarns shops in Amsterdam and Paris?


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Ravelry and FRANKLIN on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!

there's a link called Knitter's Revenge in which a group of Ravelers, including Franklin Habit, appear onstage. Super cute and fun.

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OT: In Search of Good Fantasy Fiction

Hi Boys,

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boys and men, i'm about to shave my head for an art project and am looking for a nice cap pattern to help keep my head warm until the hair grows back in.

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adonis cables

does anyone remember a post a few months back with an AMAZING dark gray sweater that had diagonal cables on the torso?

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I know what you knit last Christmas

Last minute, down to the wire, OMG, I'm FINALLY done with the Christmas scarves project I started in JULY. I had a great run until the semester began in September, finishing five of the six easily.

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martha's vineyard fiber farm

hey boys,

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i-cords: my enemy, my love

so, anyone have some hints on how to produce loads of i-cords without going absolutely stark raving mad?