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Fall, and knitting, I swear there's some knitting in here. It's kinda near the end.

Today was a... good day. A very good one. I know many other Casperites would not consider a day that took turns spitting at them then showing sunny skies while trying to blow their clothing about their heads before torrential rains in said wind soaked them and buffeted them on their way home before clearing and showing them the dusting of snow on the mountain to be particularly good. Forgive me, I'm a twisted Casperite. Maybe better described as a South Central Alaskan. For there any fall day that the sun shown and one can get out and smell the fall leaves is a very good day indeed.

Lazy Sunday Morning's

I decided to break up the Sunday morning relaxing with a bit of blogging. I typically brew myself a pot of teas as Bob walks the dogs over for a paper and relax in my chair knitting on Sunday morning's. It's to pay myself back for the typical Saturday morning of cooking and scrubbing.

This morning's project is a continuation of the Christmas Socks.

Christmas Knitting

I got a bit of knitting done this week. Two sets of the needed eight pairs of Christmas socks done. I'm making them out of Cascade 220. It's a really affordable wonderful wool yarn that comes in a great color selection. It can feel stiff while knitting but it really softens up with a washing when it's all done. It's almost as great as their Eco Wool. I'm knitting these things so tight that I'm actually wearing out the tips of my bamboo needles. I'll be switching to my metal circulars and using the magic loop method to finish the others up.

Up to no good

Well, actually I've really just been up to knitting. Some of it's not all that good, but some of it is decent if I do say so myself. All most all of it recently has been Christmas knitting. Yeah yeah, I'm not normally this prepared but I decided to try giving preparedness a try this year.

An Afternoon Quickie... Afternoon Blog Posting That Is.

I figured there was time for a quick post this afternoon. I myself slept in this morning, walked my monsters then hit the stores (Let's just pretend you care about my daily schedule, okay?).

The first thing on my list were new needles. You see, I've been working on this Echo Flower Shawl with a pair of the square knitting needles in the circular style.

Flubs and Fun

Last posting I had a little on blocking. After I got that all done and posted and happy with myself I realized I screwed up the edge. Why didn't I take the pictures of the final products downstairs with me you may ask? Who knows. I tried to do some doctoring but I wasn't horribly successful since I blocked that pointed edge rather aggressively. I'll try playing with it some more, but here is the actual FO.

Another Day, Another Knit. Thank Goodness

So much for sleeping in this morning. To bad I can't even blame it on my own dogs. I was awoken by the neighbors dog barking incessantly from six am on. Their idea of dog ownership is one of those things that has always stumped me. I've seen it over and over again and it's something that always fumbles my sense of logic. I'm sure to them it makes perfect sense. I just don't see why one has a dog if they're just going to leave it in an outdoor kennel at all times.