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I'm a complete dork.

Ok..now you can stop laughing. I've tried multiple times to get a post with a picture added and have failed miserably. Sorry...I give up. I did post a copy of it on my blog, It's the Zig-Zag Scarf post.

I can't believe I couldn't figure this out...


So...here we are.

This is bad... It's like when I got my first computer; I stayed up late every night surfing the internet, only to realize a couple of hours before I had to leave for work that I had to sleep. This time it's an Artisan 70D.

OH MAN, am I a knitting fool. Just for a test drive, I made a scarf for a friend at work. She thought it was way cool. My inbox is now an order taking center. Eight down, 5 to go. Not to mention the 4 my partner wants for people at work, the five my mother asked for and the ones my cousin wants to "sell" for me.

Pass the Starbucks...this is going to be a long week.