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Well - I'm back.... Hello Gents.

Cannot believe that I moved from Sydney to a much cooler climate (Seattle) and have not picked up my needles in TWO years! :(

Well - I'm back into after I saw the new Rowan Autumn Knits pattern "Ilam". Just started!

surprise announcement

OK Boys,

Its confirmed now - we are moving to Seattle for my job. Still have the dramas of trying to get my partner into the country (Very frustrating when the city and the company reconise your relationship but the federal government treats you like strangers).

Anyway VERY excited and we hope to be there soon.



Ok, started a jumper with this amazing Alpaca but...

By the time I got to the armholes (knitting the beast in the round) I realised:

1. I don't like Seed Stitch en masse


Hi Gents

It has been way too long since I have been here. It has been a long hot and wet summer so my needles went into hibernation!

Autumn is here again so I am geting back into it!


Hi Gents

Here is the Beck I was working on from the Queensland collection. Made with Jo Sharp Aran Tweed.

Played with the pattern a lot (for the sleeves) and really happy with the outcome.