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Thanks gents - new trick learned

New trick learned

A while ago I was reading a train of conversation on MWK about cabling without a cable needle… I was intrigued but daunted.

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pink and girly!!

I am so used to making things for men I thought this might be a new diversion. I litttle pink cabled number for my niece.

4ply (again ... why I am addicted to 4ply is beyond me) on 4mm needles.

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12 years today

Hi boys wanted to share that today is our 12th anniversary! scarey how fast time goes by!

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The finished product

Ok - finally got this shot on my boy as he was heading out to work this morning wearing the Jumper - fits like a glove!


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Girly Girly Girly

This is just too strange for words - everything I have knit to date has been pretty much a shade of grey and for men (with one exception of the green cotton top).

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Feels like it has been a while

Hi Boys

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winter projects and travel

Hi gents

Well it was a very quiet and relaxing weekend away at our place in the bush...good to escape the rat race every now and then.

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back on track

Hi Gents

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Thanks for the tips men!

Back from my trip to Seattle and Chicago. Wow, too much fun, I had been to Seattle before and love it, Chicago was just amazing.

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Rod's Jumper continued

Well after the last post I put up about this one - Chris described it as looking like a biology experiment - thanks Chris!