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Need some tips men – heading to Seattle for work in May (guess who I work for ?) and will have one free weekend downtown. I have been to Seattle before (and love the place) but that was before my knitting addiction took hold – so any good stores that are on the “must check out” list?

Also going to have a long weekend in Chicago (catching up with friends) – any stores there that are a must see too?



boxers are in the planning

OK - so I have missed the start but... Found this great Chilean sock yarn "Araucania". In keeping with everything else I like it is a great shade of grey ;) actually more a kind of faded denim blue.

Not starting tilll I finish the jumper for my man and then another cute apple green one for my niece BUT at least I am starting soon!

Not as confident or creative as others so they will be pretty simple but looking forawrd to startin them!

Have a good weekend boys


on my way

Hi Men - just finshed a scarf for a good mate who now lives in Melbourne (colder than Sydney!). I have made this one before and learned that I like a challenge. Doing it the second time became a bit tedious.

Happy with the results though - he gets it tomorrow.

Now the next challenge is underway thanks to all your help (especially Millard!)

This one is my own design (well - borrowning left, right and centre from many patterns to get what I want). Managed to get the provisional cast on right and pick up the stiches for the hem too. Roaring along now.


Yeay - just finished the Erika Knight Funnel neck sweater.

I really love this New Zealand wool too - it is going to be such a warm jumper.

I was too impatient and haven't blocked it yet.


Gents help please!

I am finally going to design a jumper for my boy (enough practice on me). He hates rib bands so I thought about knitting a hem.