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Being Brave

OK - got sick of hiding behind the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Decided it was time to show my face to this friendly bunch.

From now on you get the real me!


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King Cross Art Installation

G'day men

Here are some shots from the Kings Cross Art installation I described a few posts ago.

Sadly it was only up for two weeks. Fun while it lasted though.


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Ok - I have heard it said before that never refer to knitting as a hobby. Now I know why - It is an obsesssion!

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Ok - first beanie. Much faster and easier than I thought.

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Wooooo Hooooooo!

Well guys here it is. My first jumper.

Joukahainen - in a dark green Super Soft Lana Gatto with Morris Empire Superwash Merino Pumkin around the neck and cuffs.

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First Preview

Ok - here is the preview of my first jumper.

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Ok, after three scarves I have decided to tackle my first Jumper – Joukahainen.

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Just joined

Found this site a couple of days ago after sniffing around looking for info on knitting that is not targetted at chicks.