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Have completely fallen in love with this yarn. Am doing a scarf with it right now. I love the color progressions, but tell me this is it scratchy? it seems garments would be scratchy??

EZ Saddle Shoulder questions.

I have cast on the EZ saddle shoulder sweater from Knitting Without Tears. I frogged the sleeve once already. I have a question for anyone who has made this: (My caveat being my last EZ project (Super Hurry up sweater) wound up like 3 sizes too big and I call it my polar bear sweater cuz thats what i look like When wearing it (goes down to my knees, shoulders to the middle of my arm, this from using measurements of my favorite sweater.....) but super warm for playing in the snow (makes an awesome middle layer.....)

2010 KAL

Thanks to Carl for being an overachiever!! Glad they turned out awesome. here is my progress on the KAL as well.