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I was just looking for a new hat and noticed that lion brand's website has a whole new look.

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Hey Boss! the Crane, The CRANE!

This semester's knit bronze sculpture.

I knit a sheet of cotton fabric on the ISM and cast in bronze.

Also made the base by casting crochet.

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Check Out My Basket

We don't actually have a fiber arts class at school, so I have been doing my best to work them into my wood & metals courses.

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taking cheating to a whole new level

As happy as I am that there are more men's knitting books out (just got Son of SNB - it's great!) I still dont think i have time to knit a whole sweater,

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Sorta Related

Have you guys been watching pushing daises?

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What I did for Summer Vacation

Not much - only had 2 weeks off.

But I did manage to visit Indianapolis, and took a day trip to visit an old friend.

Wanted to share this pic of the two us.

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So I slipped-up...

made a super cool hat of my own design with a slip-stitch pattern based on the squares of the number 2.

even the yarn is super cool - it's made of SWS self-striping soy/wool blend.

but i forgot that the super cool slip-stitch pattern makes a smaller hat than the standard stich & I need to add extra stitches to adjust.

it's ok, ET doesnt seem to mind.

it is wearable, but a little too snug.

i am hoping to find a hip toddler to give it a good home.

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Heart Felt VD Present

This is the “Heart-Felt Wishes” bowl from Bad puns aside, I think it turned very well.

I used two stands of Patons Classic Wool and size 13 needles, just like the pattern called for.

It went surprisingly fast, and I almost had it on time to give away on valentines day.

I blame Physics homework for the delay.

Sadly, I have just discovered that my fancy new W/D is not that great when it comes to felting projects. I had to finish this one off by hand. Considering I already have the yarn for at least three more felted projects, I am gonna have to start doing laundry at friend’s houses. That’ll be fun.

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I'm crafty!

and now the whole damn interweb knows it!

the world is mine!!!!!


p.s. if you dont watch this show you totally should. it is super funny.


that's me. that's what i sound like when i watch it.

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Yup, i'm cool... in a nerdy kinda way

I was all excited when my store got Not Another Teen Knitting Book by Vickie Howell.

 I bought it the 1st day it was on our shelves and immediately decided to whip up the cool nerdy v-neck vest on my knitting machine. I was planning to substitute the yarn, and while working out the calculations, I found a typo.

 I emailed the publisher and Vickie emailed back confirming that I caught a mistake.

So... If you are working this sweater vest, the needles called for are 10.5, not 8 as listed in the pattern.

In the end, I decided that the pattern would end up too snug for me to wear at work and could not be worked on the machine. Instead, I created my own version on Knitware Design. Made the back last night, hope to complete it this weekend.

Is machine knitting cheating?