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Free glittens pattern?

I'm looking for a free pattern for glittens (fingerless gloves with mitten cover). My Google searching is starting to get...well, irritating. Please help if you can. Thanks!

Patrick :)

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Cable cast-on mistake

Oops. I just realized that I did the cable cast-on for my sweater incorrectly. Instead of going between the two stitches with the needle tip, I went through one only, just like knitting.

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Proud papa

We are a knitting family of sorts. Besides me, my wife and 2 of 3 kids are knitters (my 4-year-old isn't ready).

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Hi guys...I'm new here, and I've got the knitting bug like you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would). Here's my first real project - a scarf I knitted for my wife.