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I think im in love...

With lace knitting!!!! Im about halfway through chart 3 on the Lil Bunny FooFoo shawl by MMario and I just LOVE this pattern!!! Easy to follow, challenging, and purrrrrdddyyyyy!! Does anyone else ever have this feeling where you're knitting something for someone...and they know you're making it...but as you're making it you decide that you would really like to keep it because you like looking at it so much? Yeah, thats how I feel about this thing right now.

Hmmmm, a new niche?

So since I started spinning lace yarn it was only right that I wanted to knit something with it. So now I am currrently working on a lace scarf for my grandmother for her 82nd birthday coming up. Ive decided that next to felting, I really do love lace knitting, its quick and not as hard as it looks, I think the hardest thing Ive encountered was remembering which row in the pattern repeat I was doing. So now I am downloading all kinds of lace patterns on Ravelry, mostly shawls (not for me but just for the simple satisfaction of knowing I can do a lace shawl or wrap).