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KAL Felted Christmas Stocking Completed with Pictures!!

Just finished the stocking last night, and felted it today, I used the washing machine at my laundromat plus a good beating in the kitchen sink. I think for the next few weeks whenever I do laundry I'm going to toss it in with a load to get the stitches to disappear (I can't do all the felting at once because the washing machines at the laundromat cost 4,00 Euro for one load) However, this was a great project and really enjoyed it with the exception of the first "frogging." I learned how to turn a heel etc. So now whenever I make my first pair of socks it'll be easier.

KAL Felted Stocking FAIL update!

Ok so I know I said I bound off the other one halfway through and tried to hand felt it just to see how it would turn out. Well last night I didnt get much results with the hand felting (with the exception of scalded hands, and the fabric just shrinking a teensy bit) well today I looked online at my LYS website at this specific yarn and turns out they give INSTRUCTIONS on how to felt it in a German washing machine (front-loader) so I stuck it in the washing machine at the laundromat at 60°C and it came out lookin pretty good!