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Progress made

My lace knitting journey continues. I finished the caps and blogged about it. Thought I might give them as gifts but then decided to keep them. Now I've actually moved on to knitting a cardigan. The pattern is Kelmscott by Carol of Sunday knits. The yarn recommended is of course one of the reasons I chose this pattern. It is an angora/merino blend, which is pretty much all I do in handspun. The oatmeal colour is fantastic too since I have fawn angoras and therefore plenty of fibre in that shade naturally. Has anyone had any experience with patterns from Sunday Knits?

Journeys first pinnacle

I have complete the Horseshoe Cap design by Janet Wray with the fibre I received at the Guilds Christmas Gift Exchange. If you are interested there is more on this at my blog.

Xmas 2011 Challenge

Whether you are a newbie or ancient to fibre arts, including knitting, joining a group that gets together to share and educate is essential to advancing your skill set. Finding the right group is important too because you must feel the comraderie that will befall you. After testing many different sets I finally found a niche group that feel most comfortable belonging to.

Getting a knit on

It has been a very long time since I posted on here. Missed it actually. Thought of it often. Anyhoo, since the last post so much has happened in my personal life. Far too much tragedy. Had to see a therapist and a few weeks ago, after months of strugglng, she pointed out that great strides have been made and asked that one question that I never seem to be able to answer. How do you manage to get through all the stress?

and one for me

That one is for you guys and this one is for me. I will put it front and centre for all to read on "International Knit in Public Day" in June!

One for the guys

You can get this and more at,52982240

Ball Sack

Straight vs Circle

I am finding that I just do not enjoy knitting with straight needles unless they are wood. Does anyone else have this problem?

New Videos

So I have been playing around with the camera and website production in between knitting, finishing taxes and whatever else I can figure out to do to keep myself busy.

Beam me up Scotty!

Fibre Funny haha

How's your sense of humour? Just another sheep funny!