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KAL Felt Xmas Stocking update updated

(the update is at the bottom)

Check it out!!

I think that with so many members there is going to be alot of birthdays randomly coming up so I thought to make just one general Happy Birthday Video for all!

Its a good day

I want to share a happy thoughts!

Speaking of bags...

(Chris, hold your tongue about the title)

I have seen some really nifty "free time" spaces on this forum, knitting bag ideas, etc. and wanted to share a few of my own ideas.

Just a couple of things.

As luck would have it, I was out on a treasure hunt on Tuesday and what did I spy? But none other than a Singer 561 knitting machine. It's basic but I thought this was definitely a must have.

I have to know!!

I have to know when is an earthquake an earthquake? I mean at what magnitude do you feel it or notice things moving? I've been viewing this U.S.

Learning to knit

Learning to knit is a slow process. If you think that you will "get it" right away you suffer from delusions like me.

Stocking update

Well, I am done the cuff now and started on the body. That working with 2 yarns was a little difficult for my arthritic right thumb.

profile update

I'm going to live on the edge here peeps. I like this group so much that I decided to update my info with ways to contact me off forum. Note: I am seldom on Ravelry but on facebook often.

B.S. Participation

Once I have the Felted Stocking done, (it's an easy knit yes but finding the time these days as a tax preparer is difficult), I will participate in the Boxer Shorts KAL.