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Pirate Knitting

I am wondering if anyone has this book. I have a bunch of toy patterns but not this book. I am wondering if it is worth having or if I should just convert one of the patterns I already have.

cobweb lace spinning

Decision making is not my forte'. I am a doer and procrastinator. Yet somehow I managed to get through spinning this cobweb lace a bit ago. Another first for me is swatching.

KAL Felt Stocking

Alrighty, I don't see a start date on this but I just couldn't wait. The days are dark for me now and distraction is at the top of my list, so I started the Felted Christmas Stocking.

free felt clog pattern

So although the fibre trends pattern looks very intriguing and certainly worth the $5 that one might spend on it, I am on a very tight budget.

Spinning my wheels

Alright I cannot resist adding to my stash. I'm obsessive in that way. But is it adding or simply recategorizing when you use some from the fibre stash and then turn it into the yarn stash?

My knitty babies

I have 2 maltese X girls and they are really a light for me on those dark days. Their names are Ping and Pong.

Stash on the hop

This is Saga. She passed away last summer. I currently have 15 angora rabbits just like her that produce almost 3 lbs of fibre for me each year.

Lace Lover

I am not the greatest nor the fastest knitter but I love to spin my own yarns for that someday-will-knit-lacey-pattern-that-will-catch-my-eye-and-I-must-possess.