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Am I in the Twilight Zone

So today the column heading on MWK decide to not scroll - something I've never noticed before - and they are drivng me bonkers!

Is this new?

And the shout isn't working for me - maybe...I looked at it on another browser and I may have posted the same thing three times - but when I refreshed the page the shouts disappeared - so I don't know.

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Took a break from knitting...

Started a shawl on friday - but in CROCHET; finished it last night and it was ALMOST dry this am. Pictures to follow.

It's a simple shawl to be used for the Dickens Festival I work in the winter.

Next up - the 18 foot scarf for the new "medical student" who has joined the cast.

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You saw it here first

my latest pattern - untested

Bird of Prey
an example of romulan folk handicraft

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Visiting the DC area

I will be in the DC/Baltimore area Oct 4 through 7 (okay - longer - but the previous and following weekends and monday the 3rd are already booked solid)

Any suggestions for activities?


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Windows 7 is whuppin' my *ss

I've spent the last two weeks trying to get windows 7 to work on my new computer. Finally gave up today and handed it over to a co-worker to sort out. How to feel totally incompetent - as this is *my job* .....

I want to hide under a rock.

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What happenned to Srping?

Last week I had snow and had to scrape ice off the car windshield - this week we are in the high 70's - which a lot of times is as hot as it gets here in the summer.

Where was spring?

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Happy New Year !

Better late then never!

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The twelve days of Lace Shawls

For those of you who follow my adventures and mis-adventures over at MMarioKKnits yahoo group. . .

Starting Christmas Day I will be posting the twelve shawls of Christmas; one per day.....

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Neat Trick! via

Okay - this is probably old news to some people - and it may well be that PayPal has had the capability for a long time...

but Ray is the one who told me about it so I'm giving him the credit.

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Kudos to Millard!

A man of strong resolve and determination.