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When prototypes fail. . .

sometimes you still manage to get something useful out of it.

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REVAMP - tweety pi redux

a while ago I knocked off a pattern I named "tweety Pi" because it was a bad pun. Recently one of the ladies out at MMarioKKnits finished test knitting it - and the picture made me realize I had a pretty serious flaw in the pattern

It still looked good, especially since she introduced a change in the final design element (offset a row of diamonds that I had written as stacked) - but I've revamped the pattern in a way that should be more attractive. attached are the old file (tweety Pi.pdf) and the new file (TweetyPi.pdf)

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There just isn't enough *TIME*

I currenlty have 5 6 designs underway, either partially written up or needing to be written up from sketchy notes

A'Tuin, VKandis,Commando, Black diamond, Damascus and Charybdis

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I Prefer Pi Scarf

a very basic palindromic (reversible cable) scarf.
I'm doing this in a merino/angora blend - 140 yards /50 gm on 4mm needles.

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What I did on my mini-vacation

okay - so I only finished the last two rows and bound off - but it was on my mini-vacation! I have witnesses!

3/5 - added some more photos.

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TV and fiber craft

I was subjected to many many hours of "red carpet" and Pre- red carpet, and Before Pre-red-carpet over the weekend - as for some reason my sister/landlord decided she wanted to watch it all - and I di

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FO: The Urban Commando Penguin

pattern was from knitty - colour scheme came from my warped mind.

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FO: Clerical Stole

This was suppossed to be a Christmas present - but it was finished in time for my nephew's ordination as priest friday (barely - I embroidered the cross *at* the reception)

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While I'm venting...

since I let off steam regarding the marketing of "natural" fibers that are actually manmade extruded polymers of various kinds...


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Misleading marketing

the new "natural" fibers bug me. Just ran into someone enthusing about the ethical benefits of knitting with corn/Ingeo yarns - since it was "natural and renewable".