New Sweater

I haven't finished my wife's or my son's sweaters and I certainly can't work on them while we are all in the same room. They are both Christmas presents. Since I need to do something with my hands while we were spending a lot of time together this Thanksgiving weekend, and since I have 15 skeins of beautiful yarn (55% Merino Wool, 25% Superfine Alpaca, 20% Donegal Tweed) from Knit Picks, I thought I would begin my next sweater, this one actually for me! I am using Staci Perry' pattern simply called "Learn to Knit a Men's Sweater" and found on her site See link below.

Sweater pattern

I am making a raglan, top-down sweater for my son and it's going very well. I am at the point where I will join the sleeves and continue with the body of the sweater. Right now, it's all just stockinette stitch, which is fine as my son likes things done simply. I thought, however, that I might add a bit of interest by adding some sort of a repeat. I won't have time to start this over, so I am doing a bit of research first, beginning with you all. Any suggests for a repeat that might look nice beginning where the sleeves are joined?

I-cord & Scarf Border

I am going to be making a scarf of some design or another, but if I choose to stay with stockinette stitch, I will need to put a border at both ends and the sides to avoid curling. I recently read that someone put an i-cord on the sides but didn't indicate if that would stop the curling. I'm thinking it won't because the tension on the front and back will be different, thus the curling. Has anyone tried this?

The Villages in Florida

Hi Guys! I am going to be traveling down to The Villages (32159) in central Florida Oct 3-7. If any knitters are located in that area, I'd love to get together. I will need a break from dear old mom anyway after the second day, I'm sure. Email me if you live nearby and perhaps we can share some coffee, conversation, and some knitting time.


Bruce Weinstein Replies

I have to hand it to Bruce Weinstein (Knits Men Want). He is such a nice guy. I had a question about a pattern of his and thought I'd try emailing him. I was pleasantly surprised when he got back to me within 24 hours! He gave a short, but very complete answer. I am impressed when authors are available to tap for information and take the time to respond.


Sweater Progress

I am making progress on the sweater for my wife. She requested a very plain pattern and a calming gray. She's doing very well with her double-knee replacement surgery that was this past June, so calm works well for her just now. She has lost a lot of weight since the surgery because now she is able to get up and move around; walking around the block now without a cane! I couldn't be more proud of her. This sweater will help her stay nice and warm as the cooler months approach.

700 Pages of Basics

For an anniversary present this year, my wife bought me a terrific book entitled The Principles of Knitting. It is full of really basic things in knitting and it take you through many, many neat techniques to enhance your knitting. It's really huge, weighs a ton, and it a great deal to digest. It will make a really good reference book, once I get through it.