Cropped Short-Sleeved Sweater

The sweater I was making for my mom is finished. I discovered a few things as I was making the front panel borders. I made the right-front border by picking up stitches from the bottom up to avoid having to tie off and weave in ends at the neckline...I still struggle to get that perfect. When I did the same thing on the left-front panel, it didn't look the same. I found to make it look identical I had to start from the top and pick up stitches to the bottom. I'm not sure why there was a difference, but the second try worked fine.

Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off

I was binding off the sleeves to the short sleeve sweater I am making and found that the bind of wasn't as stretchy as I wanted it to be. So I searched on You Tube and found Cat Bordhi-PERSONAL FOOTPRINTS-Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. It's a confusing video to watch for me because I am a thrower, but I followed her verbal directions and it worked great. I like the edging it makes and it really is surprisingly stretchy. Normal binding off doesn't give much I have found, so this worked well for me.

Looking for Super Chunky Yarn

I am going to make a heavy sweater jacket for hiking in the cold weather months. The yarn it calls for is Morehouse Merino Bulky (100% Merino wool) that knits at 10 sts and 18 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch. That particular yarn is $17.50 or so. I need 8 or 9 skeins of it! Ouch. I know I'm worth it...aren't we all...but if I could get a good quality yarn that is a bit less expensive, that would be great. I know that Lion Brand has skeins that are about $10 and I have used that, but I was wondering if you guys had any experience with heavy yarns that you would recommend.

Sweater coming along

I am at a turning point in the short-sleeved sweater that I am making for my mom. I thought my fingers were going to cramp last night as I did the last few rows. There is an 8-stitch increase per right side row and the last row had 302 stitches. I had to stop and do some flexing exercises every now and then. I thought I'd post this photo before I joined the front panels and the back panel. I'll do the armholes after adding another 7" to the bottom, which will include a couple inches of ribbed stitch like the neck. The arms will have the same rib stitch.

Easy Rip

I found this video online. It shows how to use circular needles and their cables to create a stopping point when you need to rip back a few rows. It helps you avoid picking up the live stitches and perhaps missing some, or dropping them. Enjoy.


Looking for a shrug

Hi guys...I am in search of a nice shrug to make for my 85-yo mom. She lives in Florida and complains that her shoulders and arms get cold because of the extreme air-conditioning, especially during the summer. I have downloaded a few from some of the more popular sites, but find them a bit confusing to figure out, even when I email the designer. Has anyone made one that they might suggest. I am also looking to find one that made all in one piece on circular needles and in the round. I know that any flat knitting can be converted, but I'm still researching and reading about that.

Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair

The Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair is being held this year June 22-24. I have never been to it but I have heard that it is very well done. It is in Grayslake, IL, a far northwest suburb of Chicago, IL, USA. I don't normally promote things like this, but they sent me a flyer in search of people who would like to exhibit their jury fee. I know some of you market your skills and thought that you may be interested in somehow using this venue to do so. Attached is a primitive cut-and-paste copy of the email I got looking for artists.

Wine Bottle Cozy

Here's a simple wine bottle cozy that I worked up to give to a new friend of mine. I am so glad I have learned to knit and can add my personal touch to a gift now. It was fun! I used Sensations Lustrous Lamb Soft Wool Blend (80% acrylic and 20% wool). The skein lists the gauge as 18STS/24R, 4x4. Adding the cables was interesting because I used size 4 needles. It was fun because I have never used needles that small. I am slowly but surely working my way down the needle scale and aiming at working with sock yarn this summer.