Finally Retired & Now Writing About Knitting

Well, I made it. As of June 1, I am officially retired from teaching. Thirty-nine long years. My students made me wonderful gifts and the teachers and administrators festooned me with praise...and even some gift cards. I will be using two of the cards to help pay for my hotel bills to and from the Denver retreat. That was a big help.

Jacob's Ladder Seaman's Scarf

My brother wanted a light scarf that was akin to USA red...that's my term for the color. So, I got the color pallet for the Olympic clothing and finally found some yarn that matched pretty well. I always enjoy doing cables, so this scarf was a fun way to practice that skill even more. I used yarn I had never seen before by Caron. Vickie Howell is the name and the type is called Stitch.Rock.Love SHEEP(ish). It's made in Turkey and is 70% acrylic and 30% wool.

Brethren Socks Finished

These were such fun to make. Millard did a great job with his pattern and instructions. I used Knit Picks Stroll Tweed Down Heather yarn, fingering weight, 65% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon, 10% Donnegal Tweed. I'm not someone who wants to fuss over socks after they have been made, so I chose this yarn because I can wash and tumble dry them. They are so soft right off the needles that they can be worn immediately. I will give mine a go round in the laundry tonight and they should get even more cozy. They are nice and warm because of all the cabling to capture and hold the heat.

Angora Question

My mother-in-law just got rid of the last of her knitting stash and in it, was 50 grams of white angora. I think it is sock yarn weight, but I'm not sure. I have attached two photos, one next to sock (fingering) yarn and the other with the ball in my hand. I wear a medium glove. It certainly isn't worsted weight, but I'm not sure about DK. I have some sport weight that is similar but this is still a tad smaller. Which do you think it is? I tried #2 bamboo needles as I use for socks sometimes and it was just too tight. I am getting about 5st (stockinette) per inch with size US6 needles.

New Security Bug

You may already know this, but there is interesting information concerning a new "bug" on the Internet that perhaps we should all investigate. Web developers and are taking it seriously, as are many others. If you just go to Google and search for "Heartbeat Security Bug" you will find it all over the Internet. You may have already seen it on the news. They advocate changing all passwords, even though the "bug" has been out there for two years already. has a good article that is pretty easy to grasp.


Brethren Sock #1 Finished

What a great learning experience this was. Here is the finished sock. Now, on to the next one! I took a chance and estimated how much extra yarn I would have and decided to double up on the strands on the toe so that it is reinforced. I had enough, thankfully. I think I still have enough that I may go back now and add some after-the-fact reinforcing to the heel, so holes don't grow there as I wear these.

Millard, your pattern is brilliant! Thank you.


Brethren Socks

Well, I took the plunge and began the Brethren Socks. After studying the pattern and trying to visualize how things would be different using magic loop knitting, I decided to just forge ahead and see what mischief might befall me. After a couple false starts and a few hiccups along the way, as well as encouraging words from Crafty Andy, things went along pretty smoothly. I ended up changing to DPNs to do the heel, turning the heel, and the gusset. Now I am back to the circulars for the foot.

Paralympic Gold Medal

About an hour ago, one of my former students from two years ago visited me at school. He is on the USA Paralympic Hockey team and just got back from Sochi, Russia. We had parent-teacher conferences tonight and he brought his gold medal over for me to see. I was so touched and honored that he would do that. I had fun holding and wearing the medal and posing with him. His name is Brody Roybal and is the youngest member of the team at age 15, and one of the most genuinely nice people on the planet. I just wanted to share this excitement with all you guys.