Knotty But Nice Hat

I started this hat at home then took it to Colorado to finish. Once there, I realized it was a bit more intricate than I could focus on, so I brought it home and finished here. It's made with acrylic. I am going to make another one with good wool because I think the uniformity of the stitching may be better with animal fiber.

Blocking Question

I blocked the sweater I made and, simply put, it grew! If I reblock it and reshape it by pushing the yarn tighter together and pinning it, should it then stay put? The arms did grow a few inches more that I had wanted and if I can't make is smaller by reblocking it, then I can always rip out a few inches and redo the last few inches. The rest of the sweater is fine a bit bigger because I will wear shirts or even sweatshirts under it when I take it hiking. But I do want the arms the proper length and the cuffs to be tighter against my wrists.

Time for Blocking

Finally, the last stitch has been knit in my sweater. Now to block it so the 6x1 rib throughout the sweater is a bit more prominent. Then the zipper goes in. I learned so much from this project. I changed the wrists from an i-cord bind off to a 3" rib stitch simply because I prefer it. I do like the i-cord bind off for the bottom. It draws less attention to that middle-age spread that I inherited from dear old dad! The curl at the bottom should smooth out, hopefully, once it is blocked. I am going to bring this for show and tell at the retreat.


Sweater arm bind-off question

I have been working diligently on a sweater for myself and I am to the point of binding off the 2x2 rib sleeve. The original pattern called for an i-cord bind off, but I wanted the more traditional rib simply because it hugs my wrist better. Which bind off would you guys use? Just a regular 2 x 2 rib bind off? Will that be stretchy enough. I like that bind off because it won't stretch out and get floppy. Judy's amazingly stretchy bind off is great for socks, but I am wondering if it might be too stretchy for a sleeve.

Simple Hat - Sock Yarn

I thought I'd get acclimated to sock yarn finally. It is so delicate when compared to worsted and bulky weights. This is a stocking hat that my brother wanted me to make. It's nothing special, but it will fit his head closely which is what he wants. He is in southern CA, so he wanted lightweight. I thought this was a good opportunity to try my hand with sock weight. Maybe I'll get a pair of socks made yet!

The hat started out to look like this