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Jeny's Metamorph Moebius Cowl (Video and Pattern)

Hi guys! I came across this video last night and I'm pretty intrigued. Jeny (who came up with Jeny's Suprisingly Stretchy Bind Off) has made a cowl that when double and buttoned goes from being a straight tube to a moebius. And depending on how it is buttoned more twist is added, making it more snug and therefore warmer to wear. It's a really amazing winter accessory and would be perfect for someone like myself who isn't the biggest fan of wearing a scarf. I like what they do, but they're always flapping around and getting caught on stuff!

Christmas Balls

Here are two of the Christmas Balls I made.

One was done this year (red), one last year (green). They're not quite as perfect as I'd like (being pretty detail oriented!), but they are a lot of fun to make and are great practice at stranded knitting.

Sweet Tomato Heel Socks

Has anyone tried socks using the brilliant Cat Bordhi's "Sweet Tomato Heel?" I bought the e-book last night and have done a heel-only to try the technique. I really like the smooth look as well as the ease of making it. There is no heel flap, there are no wraps to conceal, nor any stitches to pick up. Now I just need to pick a yarn and start a whole sock. But I am curious to hear opinions, tips, tricks, etc, from anyone who has had some experience with this new take on sock heels.