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This is the day of my retirement. As of 5:00 pm today, I can stay up late and knit as long as I want to. My new gmail address is in my profile. It is-- I don't have a computer at home and until I do, I am going to have to go to the library once a week, or so, to keep abreast of the current happentings in the world of MENWHOKNIT.


Just back to work after a two week vacation. I do not have a home computer and missed keeping up with the MWK website. Twas a stay-at-home vaca and I had a wonderful time simply messing around. Finished a book, sorted through an immense pile of keyboard music and chucked 75% of it. Completed a pair of socks for a friend and have been knitting dish cloths for my partner as he is wearing out the old ones. Took him yarn shopping and let him pick out his colors. Seems that he prefers octaganal cloths to square ones.

Is there any News

Is there any news/word re Gregory Patrick? Know he is having a bad time.

Glorious Fourth

Hope all you happy knitters had a Glorious Fourth.

Memorial Day

Everyone please have a good Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Remember all of those that you loved and are here no longer---they live forever in our hearts.

Has anyone heard?

Has anyone heard from Millard? What with all this nasty spring flooding mess in the Mississippi river valley, I am concerned and hoping that Millard and the tiny Suki are safe on very high ground.

Pay Attention!!!

I like to knit while sort of watching television---got to the heel on my sock, turned said heel and proceeded to knit the foot---got to end of foot, still watching Say Yes To The Dress, and turned ano

Bad Sock Day

I have knit many pairs of socks---made many goof-ups and picked up lots of dropped stitches----So--in present sock in progress I dropped a stitch---tried to pick it up and dropped three more off the

I am so very glad I found you-all!!!

I knew I was not the only guy who knits, I just didnt realize there were so many of us.