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Almost a sock.

Here you go JRob, it's almost a sock. I don't know the fiber content as the yarn was given to me with a plain white wrapper. When I finish this pair, I'm going to try toe-up and decide which method I prefer. THEN I'll try two at a time. I too have been busy, completing the top of a Quilt of Valor, two dolls, and a bunch of alterations. What are YOU up to?

Sweater for Kathleen

Finally have it done. It's worsted weight, but I'm not sure of the fiber content. The yarn was given to me rolled in balls. Feels like Acrylic. Sweated it out towards the end, I wasn't sure there'd be enough yarn. I found an error in the pattern for the shawl collar. I had to pick out the bind off, and make it longer, as it didn't fit the lapel. But...I'm done, and on with another sweater. FOR ME!!!!!


Newbie lesson

I'm not a newbie, but I thought dye lots were a thing of the past. When I realized I hadn't purchased enough yarn for the socks I'm knitting, I went to a store and bought some yarn. Waaaaaaayyyy too light. Wrong dye lot. Having driven almost fifty miles in total, I finally found a ball of the proper dye lot. It teaches me to check the yardage amounts on the pattern, and buy enough to complete the project. So, newbies, learn from this and you won't say very many bad words......Terry.

Big Thanks

I want to give a big thanks to all the men on here who give me positive feedback on my knitting. You are all true artists, and an inspiration to guys like me. Big hugs and a firm handshake!!!

Knitting socks

Well, I started knitting socks, from the top down for my first pair. I am using the magic loop method. However, I hate, hate, hate doing the traditional slip stitch heel. I hope there's a different method out there for when I try the next pair. And where do I find the brilliant colors used by Crafty Andy and others? I don't find anything like that around here.

Socks and ramblings

I just downloaded the pattern for The Brethren Sock. I can't find a pattern
for socks with larger needles and yarn, so I'm just jumping in. Now with the
Brethren Sock, just a plain one. Also, do socks need to be blocked? I am an
addicted knitter, I take it everywhere. Dr's appts., long car rides, friends
houses, even to picnics. I have no shame in what I do anymore. KNIT ON