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Socks and ramblings

I just downloaded the pattern for The Brethren Sock. I can't find a pattern for socks with larger needles and yarn, so I'm just jumping in. Now with the Brethren Sock, just a plain one. Also, do socks need to be blocked?
I am an addicted knitter, I take it everywhere. Dr's appts., long car rides, friends houses, even to picnics. I have no shame in what I do anymore.


Back with the needles

Good morning gentlemen,
I'm back with needles and yarn in my hands. The error of my ways was made clear to me from a fellow member on here, PHEW! The kind and caring words made me see the light.

I've found a knitting group, Seneca Falls Knitting Club. While composed of women until this point, they welcomed me.

Time to stop!

After forty-years of knitting, I used to consider myself a more than competent knitter. After seeing so many of the projects from these men, I guess I was very, very wrong. It might be time to stop. I don't think I'll ever reach the level of expertise to knit socks and lace shawls. Knit On gentlemen. I'm putting my needles away.


Okay, gonna take the plunge and try knitting some socks! I'm asking for input as to yarns, needles, patterns and heels techniques. Oh, and dpns, or magic loop?

Carlito Cardigan

Put away the Carlito Cardigan for a while. After attempting the back three times, I can't get the stitching to come together where it needs to on the lower back. Ah well, I will conquer it eventually.