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My first hat.

Another posting but I promise this will be the last for a while. Lately, I've been tempted to learn to knit hats, so after finding a simple pattern, I decided to go for it. This was made with some stash yarn I had when I first started knitting and didn't want to invest a lot on something I didn't know if I would like.

Okay, I'll be quiet now.

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Prayer/Healing shawl

My first charity project was a prayer/healing shawl for my church. Instead of using the k3p3, I just used a simple garter stitch. The only requirement was that I use Lion Brand Yarn Homespun (not a fan) and the garter stitch seemed to look a bit better that the k3p3 pattern. I've since made another and will start on yet another in the coming weeks.

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Almost one year of knitting

Currently working on knitting gifts for Christmas. Fortunately, everyone seems to want a scarf. Slowly but surely learning new items to knit.