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and the verdict is: Vertical

Dad gets vertical stripes... I steeked the front panel yesterday for the cardi... I`m a little worried that it might not be "generous" enough for him in the body, but since I`m knitting it side to side, it is a piece of cake to undo the cast off and knit a few more fact, I am going to add armhole shaping and make it a set in sleeve after all...This happens with everything I design: They evolve.


It was raining yesterday, so I thought what a wonderful excuse to work on my sweater (Cable Guy from Son of a Stitch and Bitch). I knit an entire 400+ yd ball of Shi Bui Pagoda Bulky...I was working from button band to button band (no steeking on this one)...I had 3 balls and my hopes that I'd be able to complete my regauged design before I ran out quickly looked unlikely, as I had about 1/2 the body done with the one ball, and still had two sleeves and the remaining half.

say huh?

None of my files are attaching to my blog looks like they do, but when I save them...nothing shows up on the finished entry. HOLP! HOLP! (says the luddite).