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Current Project

My current Jacquard project, inspired by Moroccan design. It's building up to be a large square. Not just how it will end up.
In case any of you guys want to have a go at it, I'm posting the pattern. It's quite an easy one to repeat... I think...

Knit for Africa

It's been a very long time since I last posted something on this site, but I'm still knitting away no matter what. In fact I have join a army of women (and men) who are knitting for charity. 'The Fish n' Chip Babies in Africa' is a good cause: Every day babies are born into extreme poverty in Africa. Many are born already infected with HIV, or premature, and their families are so poor that the babies are sent home wrapped in newspaper - giving them the name 'fish and chip' babies. (like we used to wrap fish & chips take away in newspaper in the old days)