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First sweater ... huh?

Hi all,

So, when I was back in Seattle, I was talking to a very nice guy in a yarn shop about various things, and somewhere mentioned that I wanted to try my first sweater but was trying to get up my courage. He told me "if you've done socks, you already know most of the techniques."

Well maybe, but construction is full of surprises!

Socks for mom

When I first started doing socks, I was only doing worsted-weight things, mostly based on the Thuja pattern. Mom got two pairs but later I "graduated" to fingering weight yarn and decided it was time I made her a pair out of it. I decided to use some yarn that I dyed myself. It was supposed to be denim blue-violet and deep "navy purple," but the darker color came out more of a khaki. Odd - probably a mislabeled dye. But I liked the result.

Sexism on Display

Wondering how many have seen this particular video? I don't get offended easily but I really don't like what's going on here. What's even more disappointing about it is that they have a knitting blog:

Cherif's Socks

A pair of socks for my friend's brother. I wasn't sure what the yarn would do, and it turned out to have such a strong pattern that I can't say it was really appropriate for the knit pattern I put into it (a purl-slip-purl pattern which is almost invisible here, and a pattern of yarnovers) but it at least kept the knitting more interesting, and it sort of works. :) I have yet to make a really "plain sock," I always tend to want at least ribbing, and usually go with a seed stitch ribbing.