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Boyfriend Socks

We all know about the "sweater curse," but is there a general knitwear curse too? Hope not, because these are for my b.f. :) The pattern is "Jeck" (free Ravelry download). It's a nice easy sock and the slip stitch rib makes for a nice contrast of color and keeps it interesting. I didn't like the toe; it seemed way too much trouble so I just did a very standard one (knit to 3 before sole, k2tog, k1, k1, ssk).

Coming Stateside!

Hi all,

I'll be back in the US for a month or so, including 5 days in New York (Oct 6-9), about 10 days in N. Arkansas (Oct 10-19), and 12 days in Seattle (Oct. 20-November 1). Anybody in those places? I'm also wondering about good yarn stores in New York since I'll have plenty of free time there (though it will be jet-lagged time, what the heck).

Hemshin Sock

Hemshin is a region in Turkey’s E. Black Sea region. There are actually two Hemshins, one near Rize, and the other near the town of Hopa. (There’s a third one in Georgia as well).


This is maybe my favorite sock so far. There are lots of patterned socks out there but many of them are just a bit too feminine and I wanted something I could wear myself.