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Bound for Ankeny…Iowa…

I will be in Ankeny Iowa for 3 days/2 nights and am thinking I need to find a yarn shop or 2 to poke my head into. Anyone have a recommendation? My husband and I are going to celebrate Christmas with his kids and grandkids. I am bringing 3 projects with me and want to prepare 2 more, to make items to go with one of the projects. We will also be at Jordan mall, that may not be what it is called I just know it is on the far west side of Des Moines.

Your recommendations are appreciated, I leave this evening. =)

Sock 1; Take 2

Well some time ago I started my very first sock, I felt good knowing I was going to be learning something new. During that project, as well as others following it, I was told I was…well let’s just drop that. So Sock 1; Take 1 was frogged and a new one was started.

And the 2 are now 1

David and I made our commitment legal at the Unitarian church in Dubuque Iowa last night. It was a quiet and very small ceremony with only one of my brothers, his wife and their 2 children. David and I are Christians, the service we had turned out to be more special than we thought it probably would have turned out to be. Our service, we assumed, would have been in a parking lot or outside. But instead we had a very meaningful service put together by the minister, his partner of 33 years being in our little audience, and the service was held in the church.

Last Minute

It seems as though I plan things at the last minute. In March I took a cruise, book the cruise, flight, hotel and made plans for the dogs, cat and house all with 20 days to departure. Now last week I talked to my partner of 12 ½ years and thought that we should get married to make everything legal. Well living in Illinois I read all about the law and the actions that are being taken to hopefully expand the current law and felt that the Illinois Civil Union just was not for us, after all we would you have to go back and file for marriage when it is legal for us to do so in this here.

Just a rant.

For a while now people have told me that I do not knit right or correctly. I have been told, but not told why or what I was doing wrong that truly said that I was not knitting right. I've been told I don’t knit right because I hold the yarn in my left hand, as far as I understand that is a way of knitting. On this site I have been told that I twist my stitches, I did not know what that meant.

Personal – Knit – Excuse, it’s all here

Well what a summer this had been. If you own a convertible there is one thing you don’t want to happen, be sick from a severe allergy attack all summer long. It all started in mid June and I am just now getting over it, still cough a little, have itchy dry eyes, but at least I have full use of my voice once again.

A late night.

Well I went to bed a lot later than normal and I didn’t do anything to show for the 2 extra hours I was awake. I didn’t go for a long walk with the dogs, in fact they were already in their beds.