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Long weekend...

Well what to do first. I have a long weekend, happy to say my weekend started a few hours early (perk to working for a bank). I have so many UFO's and don't know what to work on first.

Sucks to wait

Sitting Iowa City waiting to hear the outcome of my partners mom's surgery. Tried to knit some of the time away but messed up a few stitches, made the corrections and put it away. Just gonna wait.

New Digs...

Well I’m moved into the new office, right across the street from Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL. I don’t like the new digs because it takes me longer to get to work and longer to get home.

All set!

All packed up and ready for the Atlantis Events Caribbean Cruise! 7 days of knitting in the sun, I can't wait! I will be on my way in less than 24 hours.