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Washing Question

I just finished a pair of socks using a very beautiful red/purple/blue yarn that was dyed by my LYS. Past experience with their yarn when washing is that the darker colors bleed and darken the lighter colors. I don't want this to happen to these socks b/c the red is so vibrant.

I remember reading somewhere that you could add salt to the wash water to stop color bleeding.

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Picking or Throwing??

Hey All,
So I am a thrower (english) and in-between projects. I'm thinking of trying continental for my next (simple!) project, and was wondering how did the switch go for any of you out there? I have given it a half-hearted attempt a couple of times, get frustrated and go back to throwing....but have heard picking is much faster which I would like to be!!



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Foray into Fair Isle

Hey everyone,
Here is my first attempt at knitting fair isle. I designed the color pattern myself from a hat pattern used at a class taken at my LYS, Piedmont Yarn. I chose to end it with three-points and bound off using the three needle method (so cool). I love the way it came out - and my niece is going to love it!

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Pic of Hat

here is a pic of the hat (finally) that I was having so much trouble doing the decreases. It came out just as it the pattern...

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Stitches West

Came across this three day conference in Santa Clara, CA feb 23-26. Anyone know anything about it? Anyone going?

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Finished Hat

I just want to thank all the guys who helped me with the jacques cousteau hat i was knitting. I think it came out pretty good. I will post a pic when I get back to work and have access to a computer ( my laptop hard drive died a couple days ago - ugh). Can't post pic from my iPhone.

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Knit knit slip stitch

So I am not happy with this decrease. I am unsure as to whether I knit when I am decreasing at a purl stitch or if I purl the purl stitches...argh! I am considering frogging back to the first decrease and do a simple ssk decrease. Any insights, guys?

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Pattern Question

Hi everyone & happy holidays! I am trying to finish a hat as a present but am a little confused with the decrease stitch instructions. It is the Jacque Cousteau hat. Here are the directions:
"The decreases are KKS (Knit-knit-slip= knit two stitches and then slip the first of these two over the second"

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Another First....

Socks for my husband.

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Cowl for my sister

Just finished a cowl for my sister. Used the pattern Elis (free pattern on Ravelry)...took a few tries to get the indian cross stitch correct, but I am pleased with the results. Here is a pic of it while blocking...looks better draped around the neck. Hope she likes it!