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Finished my first sweater!

Here is my first sweater i knitted - took four months, but I finished! i am really happy with the results, and it was perfect to wear today as the weather has turned chilly.

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Help what size circular needle?

Beginner here...i finally found a skull cap that my husband likes and I am getting ready to knit it for him, but the pattern only says to use 10 US size circular needles - not the length . The cap is 23" in circumference - what length circular needles should I use? I'm thinking 16"?? I know that I will need to switch to dpns as I decrease (no prob since I just finished my first sweater [yea!] and used them for the sleeves). Any suggestions? thanks guys!

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Going to NYC this summer

Does anyone know some good yarn shops there? Will be mainly in Manhattan.