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Back from vacation

My goals were:

1) sleep
2) work on knitting
3) do other stuff

Goals met.

I must admit, it amazes me the difference in speed between something done on size 5 needles and super-chunky yarn on size 14 needles. (Yes, I have a pair of size 14. And 12. I'm OCD and have access to Google.)

And for my brother

A pattern of my own design, with blocks of half-herringbone. The yarn is Kertzer Down to Earth Cotton. It is organic cotton, environmentally friendly dyed. It looks like the dye was sprinkled over the yarn, creating interesting clumps of color. It is done on size 5 Lion Brand plastic needles (my normal choice for nearly anything), and this is as-yet the thinnest needles I've used for a project.

Thistle Lace in thistle Noro

I am working on a scarf for my sister in law, based on the thistle lace stitch kindly sent to me by scottly. I found the same basic stitch in the Sweet Scarf on Ravelry, so the scarf I'm doing is a slight modification of that (addition of moss stitch border). I have been told that Pam likes purple, and I think this color is perfect for the name.

Miss A's Fabulously Long Diva Scarf

I finished, blocked, and gifted the half-herringbone fagot stitch scarf for my friend Miss A. She is the one who gave me needles and taught me the knit stitch. Laid out, it is right about 7' long. It is a simple yet attractive pattern. The yarn is Encore Colorspun by Plymouth Yarn, worsted weight, on size 10 (bamboo) needles.

First finished scarf

This was the first knit project I started, and one of the first I finished. The yarn (yes, cheap acrylic, but I'm glad I learned on that) and needles (size 10) were both gifts from a friend switching to crochet. (Actually, the herringbone scarf I've posted is for her.) It is all done in bamboo stitch with a garter edging. It's about 7' long, which is about what I wanted.

Scarf in progress

A pattern I call "Row House Windows". It's a blend of garter stitch and the basic fagoting stitch. It is for my aunt and uncle in New Jersey, who used to live in South Philly. The photo didn't turn out well, and it looks like my scanner has moisture in it. :-( Still, the scanned picture is pretty good.

It is Berroco Remix (all recycled fiber) on size 8 needles.

Currently Blocking: Tunisian Knit scarf UPDATE

I finished my Tunisian knit scarf! This is not Tunisian crochet, but the Tunisian knit stitch, which is a kind of brioche stitch. I love the distinct grid, which is so different from what is normally seen in knitting. It is also an "endangered" stitch these days; I've only seen a few examples online. From what I've read, it used to be used to make the high-quality embroidery fabric, though obviously with finer cord and much finer needles.

The stitches are upside down, so will look a bit different than images. I'll do another picture later.