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Finally finished !

After about four years I've finally finished this Shetland shawl. The pattern is A Knitted Veil from Victorian Lace Today, the yarn is a natural coloured laceweight wool from the Melanian Sheepgrowers in Western Australia, it measured out at 70cm x 207cm.

Guernsey scarf/wrap

Jared Flood has created this pattern using a number of guernsey stitches linked together with a few rows garter and purl rows. I used an 8ply New Lanark wool from Scotland instead of the 10ply worsted yarn suggested, and a 5mm needle. The wool was coarse to knit with but softened up nicely after soaking. Blocked size is 36cmx188cm (14"x74")

Rock Island designed by Jared Flood (Brooklyntweed)

Just off the blocking wires is this triangular shawl designed by Jared Flood. I used 4 strands of ColourMart cashmere/linen 40/60 2/62NM very fine laceweight, the colour is lapisazzulo and the needle was a 4mm circular with wooden tips. The size was 127cm x 94cm (50" x 37") The edging was knitted first and then stitches picked up to knit the body of the shawl. The pattern was a delight to knit as Jared writes clear, accurate, and easy to follow directions. I enjoyed knitting this and will probably knit it again in laceweight merino.


In Sydney yesterday we had almost 130 people at the WKIP Day function. Competitions, door prizes, raffles, knitting and good company, a great way to spend a winter Saturday afternoon.