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Latest project - Castiel

Modeled by dear friend/recipient.
This hat took me forever since I was working on it as we listed and sold our home in Burbank and moved to San Luis Obispo. I used double pointed needles and Mirasol Tupa 50/50 merino/silk. Love the yarn. It's a Woolly Wormhead pattern called Castiel. I had to rescue the project from catastrophic stitch droppage a couple times.


I just have to give a plug for Woolly Wormhead's new book of patterns. She published this collection as a fund raiser to help save her community of Mutonia - which I know little about other than to say it seems to be a gypsy-like group of unconventional artists and the like whose lifestyle is being threatened by developers in Italy. I love her hats and 9 pounds (about $14) seems little to pay for 10 patterns. Check them out here... even if you don't need hat patterns, the photography is beautiful:

Morning Wool

I fell asleep last night while knitting in bed -- trying to finish a 329-stitch row of purls. Woke up at 1:30, but roused myself only enough to flick off the light and go back to sleep. When the alarm went off at 6 my partner mumbled something about some knitting in the bed. The project had spent the night between us!

New circ needles

I got an email today from NordicMart announcing their new Drops Pro nickel-plated circular needles. (NordicMart is the American distributor of Drops products.) I haven't tried the needles -- they look like Addi Turbo knockoffs. Great prices beginning under $5 per set... plus they sent me a coupon code that lowers it to under $4. nordicmart.com

current projects

I am doing my first tubular cast-on for Jared Flood's Eternity Cardigan. Aptly named since that is about how long this will take me to knit. I cast on 165 stitches which then doubled to 329. At my rate of speed I'll be knitting two rows a day. Increases were done by picking up the bars between stitches -- a method that always ends up with very tight stitches when I do it. Then I dropped a stitch on row three, had trouble figuring out how to fix it but didn't have the heart to start over -- already! This doesn't bode well. I'm doing it in Drops Alpaca.

Kelp Grove

I really loved the pics that AKQGuy posted of his design, so it inspired me to try lace knitting for the first time. I downloaded the Kelp Grove pattern from his blog.

Carpet knitting?

I saw this article about a male knitter who makes felted carpets. It's on the Brownsheep blog homepage.
I was glad to see that the sex of the knitter was never presented as an oddity or curiosity -- only the fact that he knits left-handed.
I want to see the bear rug!

Happy Birthday?

I'm known to all my friends and family as the most difficult to buy for.. the man who has everything. I really don't have everything, but there isn't much that I want, so... I showed my other half the new collection of patterns that just came out on the Brooklyn Tweed website. I guess that opened the door a crack and the next thing I knew, he bought me a few patterns.

Stop Fingering My Linen

a friend asked if he could commission me to knit him a spring scarf. I already recently gave him a great scarf in autumn colors, but I said OK, not really understanding what he meant by 'commission'. I'm not a fast knitter and if he was planning to pay me by the hour, he can't afford me. (Actually he CAN afford me, but that's beside the point.)